Management as a Liberal Art

Bener-bener Friday the 13th yaa..pas tanggal itu aku kebagian presentasi mata kuliah Pak Naya, tentang Management as Liberal Art..sabar,sabar,…bahasa Inggrisku masih belepot gini..I promise to improve that Pak Naya…well, this is my resume about management as liberal art guys..

Introduced by Peter Drucker was born in Vienna in 1909. General view about philosophy is has difficult and abstract apprehension. In other view management is practically science. Management “deals with action and application; and its test is its results. But management also deals with people, their values, their growth and development—and this makes it a humanity. Management is thus what tradition used to call a ‘liberal art’: ‘liberal’ because it deals with the fundamentals of knowledge, self-knowledge, wisdom, and leadership; ‘art’ because it is practice and application.

The basic purpose of management is to create a variety of people with different abilities work together for the same purpose, relying on the same values, work the same structure, the same training and joint development is directed to respond to various changes that occur in in society.

The concept of the liberal arts and by extension “management as a liberal art, “ must therefore involve a foundation in values, virtues, and character formation.  Liberal arts education aimed to prepare one for a moral life on earth, not just the study of scripture. Rather, knowledge is to be brought down to the grimy earth, where we all work, and integrated so that work can be made more productive and more humane.”

“Every manager,” Drucker writes, “took all knowledge and inspiration from the sciences, humanities and social sciences, like psychology, philosophy, economics, history, and ethics, and also from the natural sciences. However, the managers make all of this knowledge to focus and produce effective results, such as healing the sick, teaching students, build bridges, … ”
With the reasons mentioned above, management is a practice that focuses on humanity. The main goal of management is to be acknowledged and pledged humanitarian principles. Without management humanity is just a tool to justify oppression, or the veil that covers the injustice. Drucker said so “ A man might himself know too little, perform poorly, lack judgment and ability, and yet not too much damage as a manager. But if he lacks in character and integrity-no matter how knowledgeable, how brilliant, how successful-he destroys. He destroys people, the most valuable resource of enterprise. He destroys spirit. And he destroys performance.

Philosophical dimensions of management practices, such as the presupposition of an anthropological, sociological, ontological strongly associated with management practices.

From this description we can conclude that the practice of management that is closely related to philosophy. Without a philosophy of management practices is the practice of the robot’s pale, poor innovation, creativity and poor.

resume ini dari modul Pak Naya, aku lupa lagi siapa ya penulisnya?? O..O..ida san tanomu yo!!!!


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